Signs a Man is Losing Interest

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Signs a Man is Losing InterestWhen a man starts to lose his interest in you, you’d know it. He cannot keep it to you because there are apparent signs. You just need to be sensitive and mindful to avoid being dumped. When you feel that your relationship is going nowhere and you clearly see signs that he is no longer into you, you better do something to lessen the pain a break-up could cause. Your man might be thinking of stepping out of your relationship. You can determine it with the following list of signs a man is losing interest.

  • No frequent communication. You seldom hear from him. There are no calls or even text messages from him. You simply feel that there’s a communication gap in your relationship. It is a sign that he is spending time calling someone else. No matter how busy a person may get, he or she finds time to call his or her special someone to show that he or she cares.
  • No visits. If he has stopped visiting or seeing you, it is an obvious sign that he is losing his interest in you. You often hear him giving you a lot of excuses for not spending time with you. Do not believe such thing because a heart that is willing will always find ways.
  • He spends more time with his friends. He may be spending time with you but most of his time is spent with his friends.
  • He loses his focus. You often see him absent-minded. It seems like his mind is wandering somewhere. He might be thinking of ways to dump you.
  • No excitement. When he sees you or hears your voice, there’s no excitement in his face. Just read between the lines.

Here are some obvious signs that your man is losing interest in you. If you feel that he is unhappy with you, just let him go and let him find his happiness. Setting him free will prevent you from emotional suffering.




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