Signs a Guy is not Ready for a Relationship

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Signs a Guy is not Ready for a RelationshipSome guys are not so serious with relationships. They just play their games with girls. They date and enter a relationship without commitment. Even if they are not emotionally ready, they still enter a relationship. The ending is that girls are often left with a broken heart. Spare yourself from pain and sorrow caused by a man who isn’t ready to commit himself to a relationship. Don’t fall for a man who is not ready for a serious relationship. The list of signs a guy is not ready for a relationship below will help you determine if the guy you are interested in deserves your love and attention.

  • He is not clear with his feelings and intentions. A man who is not serious has shallow feelings for you. You can tell his shallowness and vagueness when he doesn’t tell you how much you mean to you. He doesn’t share his feelings with you but he is there to help you out. You can actually feel when a guy is not emotionally attached with you.
  • He seldom contacts you. There is no regular communication with him. When you try to call him, he doesn’t answer your calls. He got a lot of reasons for not calling you.
  • He doesn’t share his plans with you. He has plans but you are not included. This is why he doesn’t talk about his plans with you. When he talks about the future, he uses “I” instead of “we”.
  • He often introduces you as a friend. This is really an obvious sign that he is not ready for a relationship yet.
  • He hasn’t introduced you to anyone yet. You have not met his family and friends yet. Moreover, he hasn’t told anyone about you yet.
  • He shows no interest in the things that you do. He doesn’t care about what you do. He doesn’t ask.

We all want a serious relationship. In order for you to have it, you should be with a person who is willing to commit himself or herself to you.




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