Signs a Guy is about to Break up with You

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Signs a Guy is about to Break up with YouWhen you are in a relationship, you don’t really know if it’s going to last long or it will just pass by like the water in the river. Sometimes, no matter how confident you are with your partner, you can’t really tell what is in his/ her mind. Some people are even surprised with a sudden breakup. They think and feel that everything is just doing fine but it will turn out that the relationship is actually in trouble.

A man who is thinking about breaking up with you has some changes in his behaviour. You’ve got to pay attention to the way he behaves so that you will not be surprised when the day comes that he says goodbye. Learn more signs a guy is about to break up with you.

  • He gets so busy. If he suddenly becomes so busy with many commitments and other things, you’ve got to be cautious and check on him. He might just be making up excuses to avoid spending time with you. A man who cares about his woman won’t neglect her no matter how hectic the schedule is.
  • He has no plans. Do you feel like he doesn’t have any future plans to be with you? Does he avoid talking about going on a vacation? This is also a sign that he doesn’t intend to be with you any longer so he doesn’t want to commit himself.
  • He doesn’t have sexual interest. A man who is losing interest and about to break up with you becomes cold in bed. He is no longer interested to sleep with you. You can notice it if the guy is sexually active but suddenly becomes inactive.
  • He starts a fight. He pays attention to small and trivial things just to cause an argument. He is trying to make a reason for you to fight and hurt each other. He is trying to make his escape easier.
  • He seldom communicates with you. You don’t get any call or message from him during the day while in fact he used to update you. He simply avoids conversations.

There you go. These are just some of the signs that a guy is about to dump you. If you see these in your guy, it’s up to you if you end the relationship now or you talk to him first.




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