Signs a Coworker likes You

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Signs a co-worker likes youRomantic relationships among employees are not accepted in most companies. However, there are instances where in this kind of relationship still takes place in a workplace. Office romance is actually gaining popularity nowadays.This is a proof of how powerful emotions are. The more they are suppressed, the more they erupt.

And you are no exception. You are interested in your coworker. Is he/ she interested in you as well? How can you tell that a coworker likes you? You’ve got to look for signs. There are some signs a coworker likes you. The following are indicators that a co-worker likes you.

  • Look for facial expressions. A person who is interested in you romantically cannot help but smile/ giggle to you while speaking to you. There’s also direct contact but for others who are conscious or shy they cannot make any eye contact at all. There is also disappointment when the encounter comes to an end.
  • Your co-worker is overly helpful. The person finds reasons or chances to be of help to you in every task you are into. He/ She offers his/her services or help just to impress or get closer to you.
  • Overly generous. The person seems to have food which is always good for two and you always get your share. The person eats with you in almost every meal.
  • He/ She give you the “I want you” stare. If you catch this kind of look you may feel uncomfortable with it.
  • A female coworker who is attracted to you will find reasons to be near to you since she cannot tell directly to you that she likes you romantically. She will just try to be constantly at your desk so that you can feel her presence.
  • Your co-worker delivers your coffee the way you want it. This may be a little sign but it means something.
  • You get the feeling that the person wants to be alone with you. If he is a guy, he would even offer to take you home.
  • Another sign that a coworker is interested in you is that he/ she asks personal questions. This means that the person wants to know more about you. You feel the difference when you are being asked by your boss or other coworkers.

A coworker who is into you may try to suppress his/ her feelings but eventually, the feelings he/ she has for you will come out in the open. Before you reciprocate or entertain the person, you have to check your company’s policy with regard this first.




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