Romantic Ways to Ask a Guy Out

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ask the guy outNowadays, women can also the things that men do. We have equal rights and we should enjoy them. But there are some instances where in women think twice before even doing some things that men normally do like asking someone to go out on a date. A decent man would normally ask a girl out and not the other way around. It’s even awkward to ask a guy to dance with you when you are a girl.

However, society is really changing. Modern girls can ask a guy to dance and can initiate dating without getting stared at. If you are into a cute guy and you can’t wait for him to ask you out, then initiate it. Do the first move. Learn some romantic and creative ways to ask a guy out by reading the following tips:

  • Ask the guy if he has a girlfriend before you do anything. If he says no then ask him if he has anyone in mind. Then get started with your plan.
  • One of the best but old-fashioned ways is to send him an e-mail. Go directly to the point. Tell him you were wondering if he would like to go out with you to do activities like skiing, bowling, or nay other things that may interest him.
  • Use a window chalk to write a message on his luxury car’s windshield. Be clear with your message.
  • Send him flowers with a sweet note asking him to have a dinner or lunch with you. This is also one of the cute ways to ask a guy out. Flowers are not only for girls!
  • Call him and simply ask him out if he is available. If he likes you, he would say yes.
  • Send him a card, expressing your desire to spend time with him. Confess how you feel if you can.
  • Send him a fortune cookie with the right message in it. Isn’t it creative and cute?
  • Send him a poem if you are poetic. Write down how you really feel for him.
  • You can also bake him a cake and write your message on top of it.
  • Send him a love letter. This is an old-fashioned way of letting someone how you feel but it is still one of the most romantic.

Don’t let your chance to be with him slip through your fingers. Forget about your pride. Think of the best way to ask him out. However, save some decency still.




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Date: April 21, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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