Reasons Why People should not Move in Together

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cohabitationCohabitation is the trend nowadays. Couples who don’t want to get married or don’t have the means to do so opt to live together in one roof, sharing responsibilities like husband and wife. This is becoming popular not only to youngsters but to adults as well. However, living together is wrong when we speak of morality. People should only live together after getting married. Furthermore, there are also several reasons why people should not move in together. What are those reasons? Let’s take a look at the following list:

  • It weakens the institution of marriage. Marriage is a blessed union of two people in love with each other. It is the will of God to live together with the sanctity of marriage. People should respect it.
  • It poses clear and present dangers for women and children. Living together before marriage increases the risk of domestic violence for women as well as the risk of child physical/ sexual abuse.
  • It increases the risk of divorce/ separation after marriage. Individuals who decide to move in together before marriage don’t know how to value the sanctity of marriage.
  • Moving in together is a way of eliminating a partner who doesn’t have what it takes to be married. One of the couple will eventually find someone who is worth marrying.

Although there may be good reasons or arguments for this kind of relationship, you should not even try it in the first place because it could cause you troubles rather than benefits. Evaluate your feelings and get to know your partner first before you finally decide to live with him/ her.




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Date: June 8, 2011 | Category: General
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