Reasons Why a Man is Avoiding his Woman

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Reasons Why a Man is Avoiding his WomanEverything happens for a reason. A person acts out of something. In a relationship, all the things that happen within have their roots. Cheating, for instance, has its roots. It is done because there are things that trigger it. It does not happen as an accident. When your partner is avoiding you or becoming cold, try to find the reasons. Do not just sit back and wonder why it is happening. There is a reason behind it. It is not necessarily your fault but there is. Your task is to find out what the reason is. Check the following reasons why a man is avoiding his woman.

  • Guilt. When a man is cheating on his woman, he tends to maintain a distance from his woman. He withdraws from the usual activities because of guilt. He is consumed by guilt so he cannot afford to be close to you.
  • Pressure. Men are not very much open with their problems. Most of the time they just keep their troubles and burden for themselves. They have the notion that when they show they are troubled, they are weak. When they have work-related problems or any other kinds and they don’t want to open up, they have the tendency to avoid their woman to avoid confrontation.
  • Financial issues. Men are supposed to be the main providers of family needs. When they are at the verge of losing a job or bankruptcy, they become quiet and they isolate themselves. These issues may cause a man to avoid his woman.
  • Relationship issues. When you are experiencing problems, these may cause him to avoid you. Talk about your issues and try to settle them.
  • Breakup thoughts. A man may also avoid his woman when he has plans to breakup with her and he is just waiting for timing to do it.

When you are wondering why your man is avoiding you, check him out. Know what causes his avoidance. He might be in trouble and in need of your help. Don’t think that there’s something wrong with your relationship, there could be another reason.




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Date: September 29, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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