Reasons not to have a Long-distance Relationship

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long distance relationshipAlthough there have been happy stories about long-distance relationships, most relationships of this kind still do not work and succeed. There are numerous reasons why this type of relationship almost doesn’t work at all. On the other hand, we commend those who manage to survive the challenges that they have to take.

Let’s open our minds and consider the factors that may affect a long-distance relationship. Take a look at the following reasons not to have a long-distance relationship.

  • Physical Distance. Whether you like it or not you are being separated by distance. You are a thousand miles away from each other and you don’t have the opportunity to see each other often. You have to admit that you need to feel the presence of each other to make your relationship healthy. When you are needed by your partner you can’t be there to rescue him/ her.
  • Expensive Relationship. Think of how much you are going to pay for phone and internet bills, not mentioning the cost of transportation. Furthermore, you also have to think of the bills you are going to pay for flower and other gifts delivery. Such a hassle, right?
  • Prone to Jealousy. Since you are miles away from each other you cannot help but feel jealous. Your mind wanders and imagines things.
  • Weak Relationship. Although there are strong long-distance relationships, majority of them are weakened by the physical distance. The emotional connection is not that strong because you don’t get to spend time together and this often causes arguments.
  • Challenging. You have to do a lot of effort to make it work. You have to commit and dedicate yourself to the relationship. You need to make a lot of compromises.

Being in a long-distance relationship truly takes understanding, patience, trust, and commitment. For without these virtues, your relationship will never work.




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