Reasons for Affairs in Marriages

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Reasons for Affairs in MarriagesMarried couples often experience problems like compatibility issues, financial matters, responsibilities, infidelity, and a lot more. Among these marital problems, infidelity is one of the major reasons why couples get a divorce. Many homes have been broken because of cheating. Cheating doesn’t only break a heart but it can also wreck a home. It is just so sad why it has to happen. But what are the factors that push a husband or wife to cheat on their spouse? Some say that it is not because of the absence of love. Not all cheaters have fallen out of love of their partners. Take a look at the following list of reasons for affairs in marriages.

  • Lack of communication. When the communication line is no longer open, tendencies are the other one will look for someone that he or she could talk to. This happens when the spouse gets too busy with his or her career or with the kids.
  • Lack of affection. Intimacy is an important element of any romantic relationship. Married couples should show affection to one another. Simple things like kissing or embracing your spouse without any reason can do wonders on your marriage. Lovemaking is also a part of a marriage and this should not be neglected.
  • No more spark. Once the magical feeling is gone, the relationship will be put into test. It will be hard for the couples to compromise and solve their issues together. The passion needs to be there to keep the relationship healthy and happy. On the other hand, couples who got married out of other reasons besides love also tend to commit infidelity.
  • Financial issues. Money can also be a reason for an affair. When one tries to look for solutions and having an affair with someone who has the means to provide for his or her needs, an affair could be born.

When the needs of couples are not met, they simply look for fulfilment elsewhere where someone is capable of providing the necessary emotional or physical support.




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Date: October 26, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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