Problems before Marriage

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problems before marriageThere are stories behind every marriage. Behind every happy relationship are tests and challenges. Even before a couple settles down, they already experience different sorts of problems. These are actually present to put the relationship to test. The good thing is that many couples are able to surpass all forms of tests that they go through and they end up building a happy family. They get united through the sanctity of marriage. But what are the dilemmas they face before marriage? Let’s have a look at the following problems before marriage.

  • Future in-laws. In-laws, particularly the mother, are always included in the list of problems in a relationship. They can either make or break a marriage. Dealing with them is really difficult, more so if they are not in favour of you. The thing is you have to deal with them whether you like it or not because they will be a part of your life. They will be your parents and you ought to give them respect. Attending a seminar or seeking counselling may be of help to you.
  • Pressure. It is pretty normal to feel anxiety before the wedding. This could create complications though.
  • Stress. As a part of the preparation there are a lot of things to attend to like engagement parties, wedding details, and other things. You also need to deal with financial matters as everything you do will require you to spend some amount.
  • Parenthood. Whether you are going to have one or two, it is still something that may cause you stress. Having babies will change everything. It would also mean bigger responsibilities for the two of you. You may seek counselling as regards this if you wish or talk to experienced parents.

When you survive all these things, I am pretty sure you will have a good and healthy marriage. Of course, your marriage will not be free from problems but if you stay strong and you keep the love between you and your partner your marriage will survive.




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Date: March 21, 2013 | Category: Marriage Problems
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