Problems Arising from Cohabitation

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Problems Arising from CohabitationOne of the issues that we face today is cohabitation. Many couples opt to live together without getting married. They say that it is less complicated compared to a marriage since they can just step out of it without the legal hassles. They don’t need to file for an annulment or divorce. They simply have to breakup like any other ordinary romantic relationship. It may be true in that case but it is still considered immoral in religious societies. These societies highly believe that people should only live together after marriage. Moreover, there are other disadvantages that come with cohabitation. Take a look at the following problems arising from cohabitation.

  • Morality issues. It is a taboo in some societies although it has been widely accepted. Couples who cohabitate suffer from condemnation. Religious people would raise an eyebrow to them. They cannot come out in the open without being condemned.
  • Lack of commitment. When there’s no legal document that binds the couple, chances are they will just take their relationship for granted. They think that the can do anything since they are not married. This is the thought of those who commit infidelity. They argue that it cannot be called as extramarital affair since there’s no marriage in the first place.
  • Legal rights. The properties that they acquire can also cause problems. They cannot be called conjugal properties because they are not acquired by married couples. Some couples also face problems as regards children’s custody, just in case the relationship fails.
  • Lack of emotional security. You don’t feel full security when you know that your relationship is not built on a good foundation. You don’t have the contract that you can hold on to.

This kind of relationship is not strong. It is not even healthy. Don’t try it just for compatibility’s sake. There are other ways to get to know a person well. Take your time.




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Date: September 23, 2011 | Category: General
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