Once you have finally met the right person for you, you want to make your relationship last forever. If the person is the source of your happiness and fulfillment in life, you should never let go. You’ll keep the person no matter what happens. In order for you to do this, you need to make […]


To make your relationship healthier you need to feel happy about your togetherness and you need to feel you are loved by your partner. Although both of you should feel special, your girlfriend is more demanding of your attention and generosity. Women loved to be treated like a princess. Some men fail to do this. […]


Have you tried gotten back with an ex? Some people say that once it’s over, it’s over. If it’s in the past, then no need to think of it. Leave it behind and move forward. But there are instances that you can’t help but look back. You go back to what you left behind thinking […]


Dating with a person who is attached to your family can be complicated and delicate although you seem to know each other well. When you are romantically involved with a family friend, everything changes. Your relationship becomes different and the way you treat each other becomes different as well. The passion is born and this […]


Dating is really fun and exciting because it gives vibrant colors to your world. It makes you feel really happy and complete specifically if you are dating with someone who treats you like you are his/her world. However, it becomes different when you date with a depressed person or with bipolar. The fun and excitement […]


In dating a woman whose culture is a lot different from you, you need to be prepared of the circumstances that may look strange to you.  You need to deal with adjustments and you need to be open to changes and possibilities.  Dating a girl from Persia requires you to read some dating tips to […]


Asian women are sought after by Western men because of their exotic beauty and appealing personality, including their virtues and values. Vietnamese women are not an exception.  They are attractive to men of various races because they are reserved and refined.  Their life actually revolves around tradition.  This is really commendable considering the fast transition […]


Love moves in mysterious ways.  It lets you embrace the things that you used to avoid.  It teaches you how to accept imperfections. You learn to love even the unlovable side of a person.  That’s how powerful love is.  Now if you hooked up with a girl with hearing impairment, then you are into a […]


One of the most popular people at school is a cheerleader. When we hear the word cheerleader we think of a very beautiful and sexy lady (who is at the top of a pyramid formed by other members of the squad) doing her cheers with her pompoms.  You can’t go wrong because most cheerleaders are […]


There are many unique ways to do your marriage proposal. However, before your marriage proposal you tend to be nervous and you run out of ideas.  What makes you nervous?  Is it the thought that you are going to tie the knot or you are worried that she will reject your proposal?  You’ve got to […]