Flirting with someone is not only done when you are together. You can also do it online or over text. You can send SMS messages that can tickle the senses of the person you are talking with. It can also be done through phone calls. But if you are a bit shy to do it […]


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Those who find contentment with their partners are lucky. There’s no perfect partner but if you feel loved and you really feel that your partner understands and accepts you even after seeing your dark side, that is even greater than perfect. Finding a loving man or woman isn’t easy. It’s like a wild goose chase. […]


When you are dating with a person you like, you have to adjust yourself to his/her environment. You have to learn how to accept and enjoy the things that he/she enjoys. You have to be interested in the things that interest him/her. If he is into sports like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or any other […]


One of the factors that affect dating is height. There are short men who don’t have the confidence to ask women to go on a date because of their height. They fear rejection. On the other hand, there are some women who won’t date a man who is a lot shorter than them for some […]


Men and women born under the Zodiac sign Leo have a strong personality. According to astrology, they are dominating individuals. They come with bravery and power. They simply want to rule. In love and relationships, they also have these characteristics. So if you can’t stand being with a person who possesses these then that would […]


The world is full of people of various characteristics and personality. When you are dating with a certain person, you should know his/ her characteristics so that you will be able to get along with him/ her well. If you understand the personality of a person, your dating will have a greater chance to be […]


The first date is crucial. If you can’t impress your date on your first date or meeting, chances are there will no longer be second date. The first impression is really important. It could make or break your chance to have a good person to share your life with. Dating Tips Of course it is […]


Time is very precious thing. Once you spend it with someone, you can never get it back. Spending time with someone means giving something that you can never get back. When you spend it with a person, that goes to show that you love the person. Is it safe to claim then that people who […]


Some people are afraid to mingle with rich people with the thought that they would only be turned down. They think that rich people are snob and hard to deal with. Well, we cannot blame them because they might have terrible and traumatic experiences with some wealthy people before. But what if you are interested […]


Do you want to date a girl from your school but don’t know how to get started? I understand your plight because it is actually not an easy thing. Asking a girl out on a date is not easy once your nervousness hits you. You become even more nervous when the girl you want to […]