Introducing your girlfriend to your parents can be really distressing. It makes you feel nervous. You are afraid that your parents might dislike your new girl, which is something that scares you. As a man, of course, you want your parents and your girl to have a good rapport. Your romantic relationship is actually affected […]


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Having a new man in your life to love you is truly satisfying. However, it requires you a lot of adjustments, as well as your family. Introducing your boyfriend to your parents for the first time can be really distressing. It’s hard to plan for the meet-up. Once you introduce him to your family, that […]


Women who are serious about their relationship would want to keep their man for a long period of time. This is pretty challenging for every woman, especially now that most men have a different attitude towards romantic relationship. Most of them are happy-go-lucky. They have different games to play. There’s a need for you to […]


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sometimes don’t understand why women go for bad boys. What is with these boys with lots of tattoos all over their body and always ready to fight? Why do girls keep on dating bad boys? Is there something in them that attracts women? Others may find it difficult to understand but this actually happens. More […]


There are stories behind every marriage. Behind every happy relationship are tests and challenges. Even before a couple settles down, they already experience different sorts of problems. These are actually present to put the relationship to test. The good thing is that many couples are able to surpass all forms of tests that they go […]


It’s truly devastating to discover that the person you love and trust betrays you. When you find out that your spouse is cheating on your back, you actually feel so enraged and furious. You get weakened by the discovery but you don’t have a choice but to face it. You cannot run away from the […]


Traditionally speaking, a woman waits for a man to make the first move.  Sometimes, a woman/ girl can get impatient when the man/ boy is so slow and shy. Women are usually excited for the very first kiss. First kisses actually prove how much connection you share with your partner. They reveal your chemistry. But […]


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Dating is a fun experience. Through this social activity, you get to know various types of people and you also gain friends. You also get to experience happiness, excitement, and even pain. It also gives you frustrations when you can’t get the person you want to be with. In some other circumstances, you even cause […]


Rejecting a person may be a tough thing but dealing with a rejection is even tougher. It can even lead to depression. It creates a deep wound and leaves a big scar. How does rejection wound us? It actually destroys our self-esteem that’s why it hurts. It leads you to a feeling that you are […]


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Going on a date is really something that you look forward to especially when you are meeting with a person you are really interested with. It’s truly exciting when you spend time with a special person. To make the most of your time together, you need to make your date memorable. Make the person happy […]