My Boyfriend Ignores Me, What to Do?

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boyfriend ignores his girlfriendIt’s very alarming when you feel that your boyfriend or husband seems to be ignoring you and you have no idea why he is doing so. He’s around but it feels like you’re alone because he doesn’t talk to you. When he’s away, he doesn’t even call you and this means that he doesn’t miss you. When you are ignored by some guy, it’s just fine for as long as you don’t love the person. But if you are ignored by your lover, it’s something very agonizing.

Things to Do when your Boyfriend Ignores you

What are you going to do if you’ve been ignored for several days? Stop wondering and try to find answers to your questions. Look into the following tips to handle such situation.

  • In a dating relationship, this case really happens. But your task is to know why. Is he cheating on you and his attention is focused to another woman? You have to find it out.
  • If you’ve been in a fight and now he ignores you, it’s just a natural reaction if you haven’t settled your problems or issues yet. He doesn’t text you probably because he’s just cooling off. Give him time and space. Allow him to realize things and his feelings for you.
  • If you don’t see any sign that he wants to settle things with you, do the first move. You can go to his place or to send him a message over Facebook.
  • Find a good timing to talk to him and ask him if there’s something that bothers him. Offer your help if there’s anything that you could do.
  • Find time to evaluate yourself. What kind of girlfriend are you? Are you too demanding and pushy? He might just giving you time to think and realize your mistakes.
  • Ask him if he still cares for you or the love he has for you is gone. Tell him that you want him to be honest so you can decide what to do.

If he breaks up with you after ignoring you, let him go. Don’t beg him to stay. You’ve done your part and don’t waste your precious time trying to keep him if he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.




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