Mistakes that Women Do that Cause Men to Leave

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Men and women are very different from one another. They may have similarities one way or another but the differences are still dominant or prevailing. You need to fully understand this fact of life in order to avoid clash, especially if you are in a relationship. Women often make mistakes that push men away. Most of these mistakes are unconsciously done though. Sometimes, men just don’t understand them and they just turn out to be huge mistakes. In order for you to have a successful relationship, you should at least try to avoid some mistakes women do that cause men to leave. The list below will tell you some.

  • Bringing too much emotion. Everyone knows that men hate getting so emotional. They don’t like the “drama” scene that women often create. What men want is to feel that life is good and wonderful. They want to feel this whenever they are around women. So if you end up getting too emotional and you cry out loud right in front of him, you actually fail to meet what he is expecting of you.
  • Nagging. Most women really talk a lot. They talk about different things. The problem is when they have problems about you, they sound like a machine gun that never runs out of bullet. It keeps on firing until you are shot to death.
  • Too much care and attention. We often hear that anything that is excessive is poisonous. Women are naturally caring and nurturing but when it gets too much, it becomes a problem. When you give too much of your attention and care to a man, he may come to a point that he no longer appreciates it because he feels suffocated.
  • Getting the wrong signal. Most women give deeper meanings to the things that men do. A little amount of kindness shown to them may mean another thing to them. This is one thing that men hate about women.

Try to avoid doing the same mistakes so that you will not end up pushing your man away from you. Try to be different and your relationship with men will have a greater chance to succeed.






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Date: November 26, 2012 | Category: General
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