Mistakes Girls Make with Guys

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girls mistake in relationshipMen and women are very different from each other. They differ in many things like the way they express their emotions and thoughts. That’s why they sometimes find it hard to understand each other sometimes. Sometimes women make mistakes with men without realizing them. Try to avoid common mistakes women make with boys. Pay attention to the following common errors and learn from them:

  • Having thoughts that men only want sex: This isn’t true although they are sexually pre-occupied most of the time. Men also need affection just like us.
  • Too many questions about the past: Stop being jealous with his past girlfriends. You are the current girlfriend because he’s in love with you. Of course you do have the right to know something about his past but don’t dig deeper as you might freshen up the wound from created by his past relationships.
  • Making calls more times than he makes: Avoid calling him frequently like you are so desperate. Guys don’t like desperate girls. They don’t find them challenging but annoying. Give him space. Let him breathe.
  • Changing him: Old habits die hard so you’ve got to accept his flaws and imperfections as a man. Learn to love him as he is. Don’t try to act like his mother who scolds him for his habits or vices.
  • Giving too much freedom: When you see him flirting with other girls and you still don’t do anything because you trust him, well, it could make him feel that you don’t care at all. Show some sense of jealousy. It’s totally fine to be jealous, just don’t overdo it.
  • Being too paranoid: As mentioned earlier, it is fine to be jealous because it’s a sign that you love someone and you are afraid to lose him/ her but don’t be too suspicious. You just show that you don’t trust your man.
  • Too much expectation: It’s given that women love compliments but don’t expect your man to give compliments every now and then. Men are not as expressive as women.
  • Insecurities: Have you been comparing yourself with other women around you? Don’t do it. Be confident and love yourself. Believe that you are beautiful on your own ways. You are on the right track.
  • Visiting his workplace: It’s fine to surprise him but most men don’t like being visited uninformed. This is one of the mistakes girls make with boys.

Some guys make these mistakes too. If you have made these with guys from the past, then learn from them. Avoid committing the same mistakes. Start making things right and create happy moments with your guy.




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