Marital Issues with In-laws

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Marital Issues with In-lawsWhen you get married, you also get married to the person’s whole family. They also become a part of your life. This means that you have to deal with other people besides your spouse. This is particularly true if you decide to live with your parents or your spouse’s parents. It would mean that you have to make some adjustments in your routine and in your life in general. It is not easy to live with in-laws. Being with parents after you get married sometimes creates problems. It sometimes affects your relationship as couple. It also stains your relationship with your in-laws when the issues get a little complicated. Below are some marital issues with in-laws.

  • Privacy invasion. Parents tend to interfere much in the relationship. Parents have good intentions in intruding, especially in decision making but sometimes they overdo it. They end up leaving the couple fighting because of their invasion of the couple’s privacy. If parents are very much involved in almost every aspect of the relationship, things may go wrong.
  • Loyalty issues. It is actually every child’s obligation to respect his/ her parents but anything that is excessive is poisonous. In some cases, a spouse, particularly a husband can be more of a child to his mother than a husband to you. This happens when he seek his mom’s approval first before doing it (even if it’s just a simple thing) instead of just consulting you. Such type of man is called mama’s boy or a man who has no backbone.
  • Communication issues. When you don’t have a good communication with your husband/ wife or to his/ her family, things may go wrong. People need to communicate and discuss issues to avoid complications. When you have problems with your in-laws, particularly your mother-in-law, you need to open it up and talk about it with your husband.

When these issues get bigger and bigger, they can consume your marriage. Don’t let these ruin your relationship.




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