Live in Relationship Problems

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live in relationship - man and girl fightingSome people are afraid of long-term commitments and responsibilities. This is one of the reasons why they are afraid of marriage. It’s a commitment for life. The funny thing is they do the things that should be done inside the sanctity of marriage like sex. This kind of relationship is called cohabitation. It is the act of living together and having a sexual relationship. In layman’s term, it’s called live in relationship or sometimes called domestic partnership. For some, this is a good decision because they can have their freedom back anytime. When things fall apart, they don’t need to file for a divorce or annulment. That’s how easy it is to get out of this kind of relationship. However, just like any other kinds of relationships, it also comes with problems.

Problems in Cohabitation

If you are thinking of trying this kind of relationship, take a look at the following problems first.

  • Although you are living under a roof, you can not claim that the person is your wife or husband in its legal sense. At one point or another, you’ll feel frustrated about this kind of relationship you have.
  • Your desire to have a child is affected. Wanting a child may crop up problems. It can cause misunderstanding between you and your partner. It may sound as an additional burden to your partner particularly if you don’t really have plans to settle down as husband and wife.
  • It’s also being frowned upon by the society (although it’s becoming common now). Furthermore, it is bad in the eyes of God. Morality-wise, it is really wrong. Sex should be done inside a marriage. In the yes of God, you are an immoral couple. But if you have a different faith, then it’s fine.
  • It lacks emotional and financial security. You cannot demand complete attention and full access of the properties of your partner.
  • When separation comes and you have children and assets, the division of responsibilities and properties will be an issue. In order to fix it, you will need to consult a lawyer. His help will be required.

In Pune, India, live in relationships are common. If you are familiar with Priyanka and Rajbir who used to be live in partners, they are the examples of people who experienced this kind of relationship.




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