Issues about Interracial Marriages

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Interracial Marriage IssuesInterracial marriages and relationships do face a lot of challenges and problems although they have become accepted by the society. This is becoming even more popular due to online dating sites. Many couples meet each other online. Online dating services are a tool that leads to interracial relationships. Through these, people from all walks of life and various cultures get to know each other and would eventually fall in love with each other. There’s no big deal being into this kind of relationship like black and white marriages. It’s not wrong to fall in love with someone from a different race. The thing is that there are several concerns that arise due to cultural differences among couples. The following are some issues about interracial marriages.

  • Faith. Religious beliefs differ from one culture to another. You cannot easily forget or give up what you believe in no matter how much you love the person. You’d always fight for what you believe in and this can cause fights between the two of you.
  • Racism. There are parents who cannot accept their children marrying someone from a different race because they sometimes believe that their race is much more superior compared to others. They would do anything to destroy the love and prevent inter-racial marriages from taking place. Parents want their children to date within their culture.
  • Cultural traditions. Wedding plans could be a struggle for the couple. One may insist his/ her traditions while the other may do the same thing as well. Combining cultural traditions and customs may be the better thing to do to be able to show respect to both sides. Couples may face problems as to what holidays would be celebrated. Places to go for vacation could also cause problems.

Relationships really have their own share of burden. What matters is the way you handle problems and issues that concern your relationship.




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Date: August 23, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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