Is Your Insecurity Ruining your Relationship?

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insecurity in a relationshipThe problem with some relationships is that their partner is insecure with many things. Insecurity is characterized by low self-esteem, high sensitivity to jealousy, extreme sensitivity to judgment, and low confidence or false confidence. A person who is insecure is really hard to deal with because the person finds it difficult to trust anyone. The insecurity of the person would make the relationship unhealthy.

Can Insecurity Ruin your Relationship?

Yes, it can. No matter how patient and understanding you are as a partner, there are times when you get tired, too. Insecurity could lead to a break up. It could ruin your beautiful relationship if it’s not well-taken care of.

How can Insecurity Ruin your Relationship?

Insecurity works like silent poison that kills a relationship softly. It can destroy even a strong relationship. An insecure person tends to become over-protective and obsessed to the partner, thus he/ she ends up suffocating. When you do this, you are actually pushing your partner away. Furthermore, an insecure partner is extremely jealous that even a small connection with people around his/ her partner makes him/ her feel that he/ she is being cheated upon. This is again unhealthy because trust is essential in a relationship. You’ve got to realize that your life does not only revolve around your partner. You need to mingle and interact with other people.

Another negative effect of insecurity is having low self-esteem. People who feel insecure tend to criticize themselves in front of their partner. This isn’t good because you are degrading yourself. How can you expect others, specifically your partner to love you if you can’t even love yourself first? You need to feel good about yourself. Show your partner that you are loveable and attractive. It is also insecurity that leads you to keep inside what you really feel because of the fear that you will be rejected once you reveal your partner your weaknesses and fears. Your partner can take good care of you better if he/ she knows your weaknesses and fears. So don’t be afraid to show them up.

Insecurity is something that most people have gone through at some point.  Having this feeling is really natural but you should learn how to overcome it. You don’t have to do it alone. Ask the help of your partner and work on it. Don’t let it ruin your hopes and dreams with your partner. Don’t let it wreck your relationship. Do something before it is too late.




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