How to Win your Boyfriend after Cheating

  posted by: Amber Ford



cheating girlfriendCheating on your boyfriend is something that you should not do if you truly love him. It actually spells break up. Once you do it, expect that your relationship will be in danger. So you’ve done it and now you are full of remorse. You regret that you ever did it and now he hates you for breaking his heart. Being cheated upon isn’t really hard to accept. Infidelity can really cause terrible heartaches and deep wounds. If you want him back because you cannot afford to lose him, then you’ve got to take the challenge of winning him back. So what are the tips on how to win your boyfriend after cheating?

  • Prepare yourself to go through difficulties in winning him back. You cannot do it in just a day or two. Therefore, it requires your patience and perseverance.
  • Clean up your mess. End your relationship with your other man.
  • Go to him and you have to say how sorry you are for cheating on him. Be sincere with your apologies. But don’t expect him to forgive you right away.
  • Show him that you are sincere and that you feel great remorse for committing infidelity. Accept that you became unfaithful. You were wrong. You are a cheater.
  • Accept punishments. You have to accept whatever he wishes for you to do. You deserve to be punished. If you think about it, no amount of punishment could make him forget your infidelity. Expect him to make you feel jealous by flirting with other girls or ignoring you even if you are around.
  • Understand that it isn’t easy to forgive and forget the thing that you have done. Give him ample time to heal the wound. Don’t pressure him. You don’t have the right to do it.
  • Keep on showing that you deserve his forgiveness and that you deserve another chance.
  • Be affectionate with him and try to get him by teasing him.
  • Gain his trust again. You might find it hard to have it back again but in due time, he will trust you again. Just be patient.

It’s pretty difficult to win an ex-boyfriend back. If you don’t want to lose your boyfriend because you love him, don’t ever try to cheat on him. That’s the lesson that you have to learn.




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