How to Win the Heart of a Mama’s Boy

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win the heart of mama's boyDating with a man who is very attached to his mom is pretty difficult. A man who has a very strong relationship with his mother values his mom very much to the extent that he follows almost everything that his mother tells him. He also tends to consult him whenever he needs to make decision. This kind of attachment often becomes a problem when he starts to build romantic relationships with women. If your love interest happens to be one, of course you don’t want to come in between him and his mom. How can you have him without creating any issues?

  • Encourage him to be an independent man in the sense that he should not depend on her for his emotional needs. Gone are the days when he was still a young boy who used to be very dependent to his mother. Make him realize that it’s high time for him to decide on his own. But do not make him conclude that you are just detaching him from his mom.
  • Show interest on his relationship with his mother. This will deepen your knowledge on how close they really are. This will help you understand their relationship. This is also your chance to have an idea on what kind of mother he has.
  • Avoid saying negative things about his mom. This will do no good on you. It doesn’t help at all. Instead of winning his heart, you will send him away from you. Watch your tongue.
  • Be willing to meet his mom. If there’s a family gathering and you are invited, you should not let the chance you have slip off your hand. Grab the opportunity to meet his mama. Be nice to his mama. Have patience when you sense that his mom sounds like she is judging you.

A mama’s boy or a grandma’s boy may be annoying at times but they make a good husband if they realize that they can be independent and that they can live a meaningful life without the help of his mom.




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