How to Turn a Friendship into a Romance

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turn friendship to romanceThere have been several happy love stories that bloomed from good friendships. On one hand, this doesn’t always happen in every friendship. There are times when one fall in love with the other but the love remains unrequited or unreciprocated. This is very painful because you somehow expect that the romantic love you feel for your friend will be reciprocated. It’s hard to accept and face it. However, you can still turn your friendship into a romance but you will be taking risks. Check some tips to guide you on how to turn a friendship into a romance.

  • Evaluate the kind of friendship you share. Would you risk it for the sake of your feelings toward your friend? Your desire to shift it to the next level may result to losing a beautiful friendship.
  • Think about your decision and its consequences. Do not be so impulsive to the point that you even risk an important relationship with the person.
  • Look for positive signs. Check if there are signs that he/ she may fall for you too. Assess him if the feeling is mutual. But if the person is in a relationship, well, it is an obvious sign that there’s no hope for what you desire. It might be better if you back off before you take a step forward.
  • Find a good timing to discuss what you feel for your friend. Be honest and open. However, you should not pressure him/ her to love you back the way you want it.
  • Give him/ her time. Give your friend enough time to assess his/ her feelings toward you.
  • Take it slow. Once you both decide to try shifting your friendship into a romantic relationship, you need to take things slow. The transition should not be abrupt.

Don’t force yourselves for adjustment. If there’s really something more than friendship, then you must keep and nourish it.




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