How to Treat a Woman

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how to treat a womanEveryone wants nice treatment. Nobody wants to be disrespected or insulted. Women do have special treatment. Part of a man’s duties is to treat women with utmost care and respect. Men need to make women feel that they are loved and that they are special. Unfortunately, not all men know how to treat women well. There are some men who are insensitive of the feelings and needs of women.

But how can a man do it? Let’s take a look at the following tips on how to treat a woman.

  • Compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she is. She will be happy to hear this.
  • Don’t do the things that make her uncomfortable. If she says no then it should be no. Don’t try to insist what you want.
  • Be gentle to her. Women are delicate creatures. They are fragile. Your job is to take good care of these creatures. Watch your words and actions.
  • Give her presents. Women simple love receiving gifts. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts just to please her. There are small gifts that you could give her.
  • Don’t hurt her deliberately. Hurting a woman physically or emotionally should be avoided. While you cannot avoid the latter, you can help yourself not to get to the point of doing the former. That’s too much to bear.
  • Give her what she wants. If you are trying to impress her, then you must be willing to follow whatever she wants.
  • Pay attention. Learn to listen to her when she’s talking. Remember the things she says to you. That’s respect.
  • Support her. Stay behind the woman. Be the first person to back her up when the need arises. Give your moral and financial support to her. Have faith in her.
  • Be compassionate. Most women are really hard to understand but it’s a part of your job to understand them.
  • Treat her like a princess. Be of service to her. Show your good manners. Be a real gentleman. Let her take the seat first.

There are several ways on how to treat a woman. You just have to be alert so that you can make her feel that you respect her and that you treat her well.




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Date: June 3, 2011 | Category: General
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