How to Tell your Wife That You are Leaving

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how to tell your wife that you are leavingBreaking a relationship is a hard thing to do, especially if it’s been a long-term relationship like marriage. It is never easy to make a decision to end your marriage. It would mean breaking the hearts of your spouse and your kids. As a husband, it hurts you to see your family in pain. You feel what they feel. However, there are really circumstances that push you to make a drastic and big decision. If it is no longer working and you see that it’s going nowhere, it is much better to stop fighting for it. Holding onto it will not help but will worsen the situation. Your only option is to free yourselves from an unhappy marriage. Here are some tips on how to tell your wife that you are leaving her.

  • Talk to her. Give due respect to your wife. Do not just leave her without saying a word. You need to speak to her. Find time to talk to her in person. Saying goodbye through mail or over the phone is not good.
  • Be honest. Tell her your reasons for leaving even if you think it will hurt her. Fabricating lies will multiply the pain.
  • Explain. Enlighten your wife by expressing your feelings towards the relationship. If you have been trying to make things work to save it but you failed, then you need to tell her.
  • Be direct. You want separation? Tell her that you are leaving soon but make a promise that you are not going to neglect your responsibilities to your kids. You need to support them.
  • Apologize. Ask for an apology for every painful thing that you have done.

Wish her happiness. Do not make promises that you cannot fulfill. Do not give her false hopes.




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