How to Tell if Date Went Well

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How to Tell if Date Went WellWhen you are dating with someone that you like, the tendency is you would wonder if your date went well.  You’d have questions in mind and as much as possible you want positive answers or feedbacks.  Hearing good impressions or compliments from your date is such a great relief.

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Finding out if it went well is not easy though, especially if you hear nothing from the person after your date. However, there are signs in order for you to find out if it went well or not. Take a look at the following dating guidelines.

  • There’s a good eye contact.  If you are interested to each other, you look into the eyes of your date as the conversation is on going.  This means that you are focused to what the person is trying to say.  If the eye contact gets weakened later in your date, and the person’s eyes are wandering around, fiddling with his/her silverware or glass, well, it’s a sign that the person is losing interest or getting bored.
  • There’s expression in his/her face.  When a person is interested with what you are saying, you can see it through the facial gestures.  If a person is not interested, the face is blank. The face shows how a person feels.
  • The person feels comfortable with you.  If you can sense this, it’s a good sign that the date is going well.  Look into the way the person sits and talks.  Does the person lean forward to tell you something?  Does he/she touch your hand briefly when he/she is laughing or trying to say something? If the answer is yes, then you have a good chance to have more dates with the person.
  • Listen to the person’s words when he/she responds.  This dating advice could tell you how things are going. If the answers are very short and there are no follow-up questions that could mean that he/she is not enjoying your story or company.  An interested person asks questions to keep the conversation alive.
  • The date went well if you didn’t notice the time.  This means you had a great time.
  • After the date, there’s constant communication.  You call and text each other.  You chat online even if you are just talking about unimportant things.  This is one of the signs on how to know if a date has gone well.

In telling if a date went well, you can simply use your common sense.  You can feel it by heart.  Your common sense plus your heart could determine how things went.







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Date: March 15, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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