How to Tell a Guy you Love Him

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telling to guy that you love himTelling a guy you love him can be really awkward if you are not into a relationship. If you are a woman and you do the first move to get closer to a man, you can’t help but feel humiliated. However, modern girls can do it without feeling embarrassed. But how do you show a guy you love him? Well, it can be an easy job if you sense that a guy likes you. You know that there are obvious signs to tell that a guy likes you. If you are running out of ideas, well, here is a list of some ways on how to tell a guy you love him.

  • Choose the right time and the right place. Do not just tell it anywhere. You need a good plan on where to reveal your feelings.
  • Go to the place first and make sure that it has a romantic setting and ambience. You’ve got to set the mood of love and romance. You can also prepare a symbolic gift for the guy to show how much he means to you. When he comes, go to him and reveal your true feelings.
  • You can also confess through sending love letters or love quotes that clearly express your feelings toward him.
  • Write a poem to express your love for him. Write down your emotions.

If you want to show your boyfriend how much you love him, you can do it through words accompanied by your actions. Take a look at the following:

  • Don’t forget your special days like your anniversary. Greet him with a special gift.
  • Surprise him with small gifts once in a while.
  • Be honest with him. Don’t keep secrets from him. Your honesty is one big proof of your live for him.
  • Consult him before making any decisions. Give importance to his ideas and opinions to show how much you love him.
  • Be faithful. Don’t cheat on him.
  • Cook for his favorite dishes or bake for him.
  • When you argue with him, do it the right way. Arguments are a part of every relationship but don’t let them ruin yours.
  • Compliment him. Boys also love to hear you praise them. This will change his mood and boost his ego.
  • Avoid criticizing your boyfriend, especially when there are other people around you. Respect him.
  • Go out with him and enjoy the things that he loves instead of blowing over his plans.
  • Plan a getaway. Do exciting things together and have fun.

If you can do all the aforementioned ways you will be bale to make him feel loved and special. Make him feel loved all the time and you will make him love you more and more.




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