How to Tame a Womanizer

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How to Tame a WomanizerIt is pretty hard to fall in love with a womanizer. He is someone who has love affairs with women but will not commit to a relationship seriously. He will not consider marrying a woman. He just loves to play games with women. He makes women fall for him and then break their heart. Most of the time, when he gets what he wants in women, he will just leave them with a broken heart. This is how a womanizer plays his game. If you happen to be interested in a womanizer, then you might as well want to tame him first. Here is a list of tips and ways on how to tame a womanizer.

  • Appeal to his interest. Try to catch his interest but do not give in easily. You can do it by talking to him and engaging in a conversation about something he is interested with.
  • Be mysterious. Mysterious women are challenging to womanizers. Don’t giggle when he cracks a joke or when he tries to impress you. Show to him that you are not so interested in him. This will help you maintain a mystery look.
  • Avoid showing too much interest. Do not ask too many questions about him. Just keep quiet and wait for him to initiate a conversation with you.
  • Refuse to go out with him so often. Limit the time that you spend with him. This will make him miss you and will make him want you more and more. When he longs for you, he will find ways to be with you.

Do not chase him. Make him chase you instead. Womanizers feel that they are wanted by women. Make him feel that you are not one of those women who are so into him. Be different and that will make the difference.




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