How to Talk to a Girl over the Phone?

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man talking to girl over the phoneThe way you talk on the phone or the way you communicate online describes your character as a person. If you are trying to impress someone over the phone, you should observe proper phone etiquette. Be nice to the person especially if you are talking for the first time.

Learn some ways on how to make your conversation over the phone interesting. Read the following tips.

  • Prepare some interesting topics to talk about over the phone. Think of topics that may interest her. This will help you maintain a good flow of conversation.
  • Have a reason to call her. Don’t waste her time for no reason. Be confident with what you want to say.
  • Before you even dial her mobile phone number, calm yourself. Just relax. Don’t be nervous.
  • Before you tell anything, it is important to introduce yourself, specifically if you are calling her for the first time.
  • Don’t forget to greet her. Smile as it will affect the tone of your voice.
  • Ask the girl how she is doing. Is she fine? You can also ask something about her day.
  • Be confident when talking to her. Confident men are appealing to women. However, don’t overdo it. Don’t be arrogant.
  • Give her the chance to talk. Learn how to listen. Be attentive to what she says so that you would know what to say. Remember the things that she says. The next time you talk, mention some of the thing that you have talked about.
  • Ask questions and pay attention to her answers.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Try to be funny. Crack some jokes, but not the corny ones.
  • Avoid talking about dirty things. Don’t be a nasty guy. This should be observed when chatting over the internet as well.

Once you get her interest, exert more effort to make her like you. When she feels comfortable talking to you, find a good time to meet her up.




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