How to Take Control of a Relationship

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How to Take Control of a RelationshipIt’s pretty good to follow your partner. It will lead to a harmonious relationship. However, when it is too much, it becomes suffocating. Being submissive to your partner has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s totally fine to submit yourself once in a while but not all the time. You have your own life to live. If you can’t take being ruled anymore, it is probably time to take control in your relationship? What can be done to be able to do it? Have a look at the following tips and instruction and learn on how to take control of a relationship.

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to let your partner know what you feel about the way h/ she deals with you. Tell your partner that you have this feeling that you are being dictated and that you feel you don’t have the right to live your life that way you want it.
  • Be firm. Tell him/ her that you want to change the way your relationship goes. If you really want change, start making a change and be firm. You need to stand your ground. Fight for your right.
  • Be yourself. Do what you want. Don’t let your partner manipulate your life and relationship. There should be balance. You have to meet halfway. You need to respect each other’s rights as individuals.
  • Be confident. Once you have regained self-esteem that you might have lost, you can be yourself and you can do anything you want without considering anyone.
  • Have a strong personality. Be like the king of the jungle. Dominate your relationship by being strong.

Taking over a relationship is just a matter of being smart and clever. Don’t follow everything. Instead, take the lead and make your partner follow.




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