How to Survive after the Death of your Spouse

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surviving the death of a spouseLosing someone you love the most is a very throbbing experience for anyone. It is devastating and terrible. It gives unbearable pain. It is hard to accept and face. The loss of a wife/ husband truly causes depression. Many people find it hard to move on after the death of their partner. They don’t know how to start all over again. Imagine yourself coming home without anyone to eat with, sleep with, and talk to. It makes you feel that your house is empty and that you are lost. The silence simply causes you to feel the pain all over again. But no matter how hard it is to face the fact that your partner is gone, there’s nothing you can do but accept it and go on with your life without your spouse. Don’t think that you can’t because you can. Help yourself with the following tips and instructions on how to survive after the death of your spouse.

  • Stay strong. If you have kids to raise, all the more that you need to be strong. Think about your children’s welfare. It’s normal to mourn but life should not end there. Let your kids be the source of your inspiration.
  • Give yourself enough time. As people say, time will heal all wounds. It may seem hard now but in God’s time you will forget the pain that you are going through right now. Sooner or later you will be able to smile again. Don’t force yourself for an immediate recovery. That’s next to impossible.
  • Talk to a family member/ close friend. Talk about your feelings. Trying to suppress them won’t help. It’s a lot better to open up. It will lighten the burden you feel inside.
  • Get a life. I know it is quite impossible to have fun while you are in grief but if you don’t go out with friends, all the more that you won’t survive. If you try to enjoy your life, you can minimize the occurrence of depression.
  • Make yourself busy at work. If you are busy with things, there will be no time for your mind to wander. Making yourself busy helps a lot in forgetting the pain for a while.
  • Read books. Go to a public library and look for manuals that may help you survive.

Learn to manage your grief well. I know pretty well that it is difficult. Be patient and strong because there’s always a reward for every virtue. Don’t be afraid to live your life again. Life has a lot to offer to you. Find those things.




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Date: June 23, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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