How to Survive a Bad Date

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How to Survive a Bad DateGoing on a date is supposed to be a happy experience. It is something that you look forward to. However, there are times when we experience bad dates. A date can be bad or awkward when one becomes so nervous or uncomfortable. It also turns bad when there’s no chemistry between the two parties involved. A bad attitude can also turn it bad. When you feel that your date is turning, all you want to do is to leave and free yourself from it. You need to survive it. Learn some tips and ways on how to survive a bad date.

  • Keep on asking questions. Let the person talk about himself/ herself. When you ask questions, the person will definitely answer and your conversation will be more alive. Try to direct the conversation into something interesting.
  • Be humorous. Share some jokes. Make the person laugh to at least entertain your date and yourself. Do it repeatedly.
  • Stay polite. No matter how bad or boring it is, you need to be polite with the person. Do not be rude. Avoid insulting your date. Apologize if ever you have hurt the person in a way or another.
  • Don’t blame yourself. It isn’t your fault why it turned bad. Some things are not really meant to be that’s why destiny does something to intervene.
  • Talk it out. Share your friends how your date went. This will help you express how you feel. This will lessen whatever ill feelings you have within.
  • Go out with friends. Cheer yourself up. Have fun.

Remember that when you are disappointed in something it will always pass. It is just temporary.




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Date: September 28, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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