How to Stop Someone from Flirting with You

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stop flirtingOne way of knowing that someone is interested in you is when that someone flirts with you. Flirting is a way of expressing your attraction and interest to a person. You can do it verbally or through body language. However, you don’t always feel the same way. The feeling isn’t always mutual even if he/ she is a friend. If this is the kind of feeling that you have for the person who is obviously flirting with you, his/ her presence must be annoying and you just want to get rid of him/ her. Learn some ways on how to stop someone from flirting with you through the following tips and instructions.

  • Maintain physical distance. If you don’t have the courage to tell the person that he/ she should stop from flirting with you, staying away from him/ her might help. Let the person feel that what he/ she does makes you uncomfortable. If you don’t stay away from the person, he/ she might get the feeling that you enjoy flirting with him/ her. To avoid sending wrong messages, keep distance.
  • Talk to the person. You don’t have to be rude in telling that he/ she should stop flirting with you. You can do it in a nice way. Tell directly that you don’t feel comfortable with it and that the feeling isn’t mutual. The person will understand that you don’t like him/ her.
  • Offer friendship. You can’t really force yourself to entertain someone you don’t like. If you just see the person as a friend and friendship is all you could offer, then tell it but be subtle.
  • Be kind to the person. Stay nice to him/ her, especially if you are working with the person or you see him/ her on a regular basis.

Cut your communication with the person if he/ she keeps on flirting with you even after you have talked to him/ her. Protect yourself from harassment.




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