How to Stop my Ex-wife from Contacting Me

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How to Stop my Ex-wife from Contacting MeIt is actually pretty hard to get over a separation or divorce. Your emotions run high. You cannot move on easily. The memories of your love and relationship keep on coming back. They just won’t let you forget what is over and done. You cannot blame your ex partner if he or she keeps on contacting you after you have separated. Moving on is not easy. But the better option is to cut any communication that you have. If there’s no hope for your relationship to be restored, then it is much better to let go of each other totally. There should be no communication or there should be limited contact if you really need to contact each other. This will help you move on faster. Have you been wondering how to cut the communication? Do you often ask, “How to stop my Ex-wife from contacting me?” You can cut the communication line through the following tips and ways.

  • Talk to your ex-wife in a nice manner. You don’t have to be rude in telling her that you want no contact or limited contact with her. Tell her that it’s over and that you now have different lives. Make it clear that you don’t want constant communication with her. If she is after your properties and other legal concerns, you can talk about these things some other time. Just let her hear about your wish.
  • Do not call her back. Ignore her calls and even email messages to make her feel that you are not really interested in communicating with her. Limit your replies if you really have to answer her.
  • Limit your conversation. When she calls you, let her know that your conversation is limited to a few subjects or topics only.
  • Change your phone number and email address. Don’t tell her friends. This will surely cut the communication line.

If there is harassment or any threat, report it to the police station for a temporary restraining order. But before you come this far, it is much better if you talk to her first.




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