How to Stop Fussing at your Wife

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husband fussing his wifeIt can be frustrating and really annoying when there’s no peace at home. It isn’t healthy for the married couple as well as the kids. As the head of the family, it is necessary that you keep your home a good place to live in. Do not let it become an annoying and frustrating place. Make it a place of comfort, happiness, and peace. If you have been bickering at your wife, don’t you think it’s high time to quit it and start being sweet again? Check some tips on how to stop fussing at your wife:

  • When you want to tell something to her, tell it in a nice way. Don’t treat her as a child that you have to raise your voice on her.
  • Don’t make simple things complicated. Just let things pass if there’s no need for you to deal with them. Don’t make fuss out of simple things.
  • Determine the triggers. What makes you fuss at your wife? Is there anything that triggers it? You need to avoid the instances that trigger it.
  • Be direct. If the problem is all about money, you need to tell it directly to her. Don’t go around the bush. Try to come up with a solution to the problem to stop constant arguing.
  • Stay calm. If you really can’t control your anger and your tongue, it’s better to walk away and take a break. It helps you to cool down and prevents you to cool down from saying words that you might regret later. It’s much better to quit the fight.

Don’t be so fussy with your spouse. While fights may be normal in a relationship, they begin to consume the relationship when you fight frequently.




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Date: August 23, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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