How to Stop Dating Bad Boys

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how can you stop dating bad boyssometimes don’t understand why women go for bad boys. What is with these boys with lots of tattoos all over their body and always ready to fight? Why do girls keep on dating bad boys? Is there something in them that attracts women? Others may find it difficult to understand but this actually happens. More often than not, these boys would cause you heartbreak. Now that you have had enough of them, it’s probably time to quit. Check the list of tips on how to stop dating bad boys.

  • Discourage yourself. When you see that the guy who is asking you out seems to be drinking hard every night or every day, refuse to go out with him. Don’t give him the chance to get closer to you. You might just find yourself falling into his bait.
  • Quit looking for the spark. When you keep on thinking that the spark should be there, you will look for a man who has the looks and appeal which bad boys usually have. Bad guys actually have the magnetic attitude and they are pretty challenging.
  • Give the good guys a chance. They might seem to be boring but why don’t you give it a try? There’s no harm in trying so go out with a good guy and try to discover his interesting side.
  • Change your strategy in meeting guys. Nightclubs and bars are actually not good places to meet nice guys. If you are used to going to these places, maybe it’s time to change your habit. Go to bookstores or any other spots where the good guys are.

We may have dated a bad boy at one point in our life but now is the time to settle with a guy who is serious about relationships and has a good sense of responsibility.




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Date: March 21, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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