How to Stand your Ground in a Relationship

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How to Stand your Ground in a RelationshipArguments are always present in a relationship. They are never absent. Sometimes, we just want to be at peace so we stop fighting for what we believe is right. We keep quiet just to stop the fight. However, it’s a fact that we all want to feel that we are valued. We want to feel that our thoughts and opinions are heard. We want to feel that we have a place. When we feel that our partner seems to take charge and does not pay attention to us, all the more that we want to speak out and be heard. Don’t let this be the trend in your relationship. You should take a stand and hold your ground. Your voice needs to be heard. It isn’t healthy if you keep it inside. It won’t help you. Here is a list of tips on how to stand your ground in a relationship.

  • Be firm. When you speak up to express yourself, you need to be firm but avoid raising your voice. Speak in a calm but firm manner.
  • Express yourself. Do not keep quiet and just absorb everything. You need to tell your partner your opinion about a thing. If you don’t like what is happening, say it.
  • Protect yourself. Defend your personal beliefs and views. If there’s a need for you to explain yourself for you to be understood better, do it.
  • Mean what you say. If it is a no then stick to it. If it is a yes, then it is a yes. Don’t give in to everything that your partner desires. Stick to your decision and to what you believe in. However, learn how and when to compromise.
  • Set boundaries. Explain these boundaries to your partner. Make him/ her understand.

Stand your ground but keep a good relationship with your partner. Avoid hurting his/ her feelings while you are defending yourself. Do not sound like you are insulting your significant other.




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