How to Respond to a Breakup

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how to respond to breakupSaying goodbye to someone who has been a part of your life is not easy. It is a very painful experience. For some it is even traumatic. When you hear your partner saying goodbye to you, it feels like your world will never be happy again. Breaking up with someone you love can really break you. The way you react or respond to it is different from the way others respond to it. Its impact varies from one person to another. You should know how to handle the pain caused by the separation. You should not let your world end. Below is a list of tips on how to respond to a breakup.

  • Pay attention. Listen carefully to your partner no matter how painful it is to hear the words. It is only through listening that you get to understand why he or she is putting an end to your relationship. Lend your ears before you say a word.
  • Avoid acting impulsively. You know that when you act without thinking, you might just end up doing something that you will regret later. It’s important to control your emotions.
  • Keep positive thoughts. Bear in mind that there must be a good reason why your relationship has to end this way. Someone better may be somewhere waiting for you or life may lead you to something that is more valuable than your relationship.
  • Respect. No matter how hard it is to accept your separation, you need to open your mind that there are things that are not meant to be and that include your relationship. Respect the person’s decision to be out of your relationship.
  • Let go. Set the person free. Let him/ her go. There’s no use holding onto something that doesn’t really work.
  • Divert your attention. Go out with friends or keep yourself busy at work. These things will help you forget about the pain at least for a few moments.

Help yourself so you won’t end up appearing to be desperate about the person. You are not alone. Breakups are just part of a relationship. Don’t let the separation ruin you.




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