How to Reject a Guy

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woman rejecting a guyDating is a fun experience. Through this social activity, you get to know various types of people and you also gain friends. You also get to experience happiness, excitement, and even pain. It also gives you frustrations when you can’t get the person you want to be with. In some other circumstances, you even cause pain to other people when you reject them. It is actually tough to reject someone like a guy who tries to win your heart. It is never easy to break somebody’s heart. You just need to be subtle and avoid being too harsh. Check some ideas on how to reject a guy and try to make him understand that the feeling is not mutual.

  • Compliment him. I mean you can reject him with a compliment. Tell him that you aren’t interested with him and then say something good about him. This will at least make him feel better somehow. At least you appreciate him in a way.
  • Tell him you are committed. Simply tell him that you are already in a relationship so you cannot entertain him. While it is true that honesty is the best policy, there are times when you have to tell a lie because it is the easier way to get out of a situation. Besides, telling a white lie is not that bad.
  • Avoid him. If he gets so persistent in wooing you, one good thing that you can do is to cut the communication lines. Let him feel that you are avoiding him and he’ll get it.
  • Say it directly. Be frank and tell him honestly that you are not interested in him.

Rejecting may be difficult but you just have to be polite in doing so. You have to understand his feelings too.




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