How to Regain Spouse’s Trust

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How to Regain Spouse’s TrustAfter you have been discovered by your spouse that you are having an illicit affair, you find yourself so guilty and desperate. Your heart is just full of deep remorse because of what you have done to your other half. You are in a marriage and you are supposed to be loyal and faithful to your wife or husband. Now you are asking for another chance. You want to prove that you can keep your wedding vows. After asking for forgiveness, the nest thing that you need to do is to regain your spouse’s trust. Infidelity actually ruins one’s trust. If you are having some difficulty in gaining it back, you might as well want to learn some tips on how to regain spouse’s trust.

  • Show sincerity. Feeling apologetic isn’t really enough to repair the damage that has been done. Show that you are really regretful of your mistake. You can do it through words and actions. Admit that you made a big mistake and now you are regretful.
  • Make amends. Court your wife once again. Recall how you made her fall in love with you. For the side of the woman, it’s actually harder to gain a husband’s trust after a marital infidelity but doing the things that he likes may help you.
  • Assess the relationship. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Once it is broken, it’s actually hard to repair it. Make an assessment of your relationship and see what you can do about it. Can you still save it?
  • Do not give excuses. No matter what you say to defend yourself, you cannot really erase the pain it caused. Whatever reasons you have for doing that thing, they are still not enough for you to do it.
  • Show changes. Show your spouse that you have changed. Prove that you are now trustworthy. Create a trusting environment.

Regaining your spouse’s trust after infidelity is a big challenge for you. Have patience since it’s the price that you have to pay.




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Date: September 20, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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