How to Reconnect with an Ex

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Reconnecting with an ExRelationships end. They are not permanent because emotions do change as well. You might be in love with a person at the moment but later on you will feel that the love is no longer as intense as before.  That’s just the way things go. That’s life. What we can only do is to accept the fact. We get separated from our partners because of certain reasons. However, there are times that we feel the worth of a person when he/ she is gone. We only realize the value of a relationship when it’s over and done. Breakups are not really the end of everything. We have second chances for those who derive them. If you think your relationship with your ex is worthy of another chance then, take a look at the following tips on how to reconnect with an ex.

  • Reach out. It doesn’t matter who initiates. What matters is that you are brave enough to do the first move. Do this after you’ve given each other ample time to think about things that concern your relationship. Giving each other some space will be of great help in fixing things.
  • Evaluate yourself. Are you emotionally ready to reconnect with your ex? It’s only you who can answer it. If you think you are then, go and reconcile with him/ her. If you aren’t, just be honest with yourself. There’s no use forcing yourself.
  • Communicate with your ex. Talk to him/her about your relationship. You can reach your ex through the phone or you can chat online. It’s actually better to call the person.  It’s sweeter and more polite. You can invite the person for a cup of coffee so you can sit and talk privately.
  • Make sure that you have the right reasons. What’s your purpose in reuniting with your ex? It is because you still love him/ her?

Forgive each other. Talk about the mistakes you’ve done in the past and apologize. However, be careful not to fight over the same issues. Just leave the past behind and move on. You can still save the relationship. Just keep positive thoughts.




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