How to Recognize Intimacy Issues

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intimacy issue in a relationshipIntimacy is a part of any romantic relationship. It actually keeps the spark in a relationship. It generates the flame of love. Once intimacy is gone, the relationship can be in danger. Whenever an issue about intimacy arises, it should be given an immediate action so that it will be solved. It will prevent the relationship from facing deeper problems.

What are the pictures of intimacy issues? How can we tell that there are issues about this thing? Let’s take a look at some tips and instructions on how to recognize intimacy issues.

  • Evaluate yourself and your partner as well. If there are problems with regard commitment, then there must be something wrong with your partner.
  • Try to know what happened with your partner’s past relationships. Were there issues on cheating and the like?
  • Does your partner trust you the way you trust him/ her or vice versa? People with intimacy issues find it difficult to be attached emotionally. They are afraid of serious commitments. If you experience this kind of problem, then you have a problem.
  • If you have done things like a number of one-night stands or you have been moving from one partner to another, then more likely you have intimacy issues because you find it hard to settle with one person.
  • If there’s difficulty in reaching orgasm for women or erectile dysfunction for men, these could be signs of intimacy issues.
  • You get mad too easily. You tend to turn small arguments into huge fights. You don’t want to back off. You can’t control your anger.
  • You don’t want to open up. You keep secrets to yourself because you don’t trust other people around you.

If you are detached emotionally, you will find it hard to deal with people. This will result to poor relationships. You can never establish a good romantic relationship if you have the fear to be attached or committed. Help yourself to overcome this problem before it’s too late.




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