How to Prevent Conflicts in a Relationship

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Once you enter a relationship, expect that there will be ups and downs. Don’t expect that everything will be perfect as your partner promised you. There’s no such thing as perfect relationship. You will have arguments every now and then. Conflicts and fights will be a part of your relationship. Having these in your relationship doesn’t mean that you are with the wrong person and bad relationship. These things are actually meant to test your love for each other. On the other hand, if you argue and fight almost all the time, then that’s the time that you wonder. Something must be wrong with your relationship. It’s not healthy to have too many fights and conflicts. You can actually minimize conflicts in your relationship through the help of the following tips below.

  • Listen to your partner. It’s good to open up to your partner but don’t do the talking all the time. You’ve got to lend your ears and listen to him/ her. Listening attentively is one way that you can do to improve your communication.
  • Express yourself. Don’t hold your feelings and thoughts. The more you try to suppress your feelings, all the more that you will explode and that will make your situation even worse. Don’t wait until you can no longer bear what is within you. Talk it out.
  • Let go of your pride/ ego. Most of the time, couples fight/ argue because of trivial things that will eventually grow bigger and more complicated. Sometimes, people are just so afraid to admit that they are at fault. It seems so hard to apologize and that is all because of pride. Your pride can kill your relationship if you let it consume you and your relationship.
  • Respect and trust one another. You can actually minimize conflicts if you respect the space of your partner. If he/ she wants to do something alone, let it be. You cannot do it without trust and respect.
  • Be sensitive. If you understand your feelings and your partner’s feelings, then more likely you will know why a thing/ situation happens.
  • Don’t force your partner to change or do things for you. Loving isn’t about changing a person into someone he/ she isn’t. This will create conflict in your relationship.

Learn how to be sensitive with your partner’s needs and feelings because sensitivity can help a lot in minimizing fights in a relationship.




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Date: September 28, 2011 | Category: General
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