How to Make Your Woman Smile

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How to Make Your Woman SmileSeeing your woman smiling because of what you did is enough to make you feel good and happy. The happiness of your girlfriend or wife bounces back to you. As a man, you should not stop finding ways to bring joy to her life. Making her happy is one of your jobs as a boyfriend or husband. If you are running out of ways to make your woman smile then you might as well want to take a look at the following tips on how to make your woman smile.

  • Give her compliments. Tell her she is beautiful. This may not be a very short statement but will be music on her ears. When you tell her she is beautiful, you should be sincere in saying it.
  • Pamper her. You know pretty well that women love shopping. Give her a surprise by taking her out and give her a shopping treat. Let her buy new shoes, bags, and clothes. Well, this only applies if you have the means.
  • Appreciate her. When you see her wearing something new show her your admiration instead of freaking out because she spent your money for an unimportant thing. Tell her that she looks amazing.
  • Dance with her. Dance with her in the tune of music that only you could hear. Dancing is sweeter when there’s no music.
  • Keep on saying you love her. Tell her how much you love her. Do not get tired saying it to her. Hold her face as you tell her the magic words.
  • Send her flowers at work. Receiving flowers from you when there is no particular occasion that calls for celebration is really overwhelming. The flowers will surely make her smile. It will brighten her day.
  • Hold her. There are times when a woman just wants to be held tight. Follow her wish and you will make her happy.  Do not insist that you want to have sex. Hold her hand any moment when you are together. Play with her fingers.

These are not very difficult to do. Do not be selfish to your woman. Be generous of love and compliments. If you can do these things you will be able to strengthen your relationship.




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