How to Make your Wife Feel Attractive

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making wife feel attractiveWomen love to be praised. They love compliments, particularly if these are from the man they love like their husband. Make your woman feel sexy, hot, and beautiful. Remember that being pretty is different from being beautiful. When they hear compliments, they feel more attractive, more beautiful. When they have these feelings, they become more confident. Confidence really matters a lot. Help your wife get back her confidence and self-esteem with several tips on how to make your wife feel attractive.

  • The first step that you have to take is to tell her frequently that she’s beautiful. There should be passion and adoration in your eyes as you say this compliment.
  • One good way to compliment her is to hold her face with your hand. Feel the softness of the skin of her face and look her into the eyes as you say that she drives you crazy with her scent and her beauty. Then plant soft kisses on her forehead down to her nose and then finally to her lips.
  • Be affectionate to your wife. Women feel that they are truly attractive when you shower them with affection and attention. Grab every chance you get to touch her hair and play your fingers with it. Whisper sweet nothings to her ears or hold her tight. These are just simple gestures but these can make your wife feel that you find her attractive.
  • Buy sexy clothes for her. She would really feel sexy and beautiful when she sees you shopped for her. Choose clothes that would give emphasis on her curves and assets.
  • Tell her you love her body and her curves. Appreciate her assets. Tell her she’s good looking plus her body is a wonderland. Your words will do wonders.

There are a lot of ways to make your wife feel attractive. You can think of other ways to make your spouse feel this way. I hope that this how-to manual is helpful to you.




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