How to Make your Nervous Boyfriend Kiss You

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nervous boyfriend kissing his girlfriendTraditionally speaking, a woman waits for a man to make the first move.  Sometimes, a woman/ girl can get impatient when the man/ boy is so slow and shy. Women are usually excited for the very first kiss. First kisses actually prove how much connection you share with your partner. They reveal your chemistry. But then again, there are guys who feel nervous making the first move. It could be caused by their uncertainty. They aren’t sure if the woman is prepared for it or not. They don’t know if it’s the right time or not. If you can’t wait to feel his lips brushing against yours, then do your part. Show him that you are in for it with the following tips on how to make your nervous boyfriend kiss you.

  • Be prepared. A part of the preparation is maintaining a good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and make sure that your breath smells fresh when you go out with your boyfriend. Avoid eating spicy food or anything that has strong odor. Remember that a bad breath is a big turn off. Nobody would want to kiss someone whose breath smells like garbage.
  • Choose a romantic place. When you go out on a date, pick a place where you can have quiet and private moments with a romantic setting. This will set the mood for romance.
  • Break the ice. If you feel that there’s a barrier between the two of you because of his nervousness, you should break it. You can do it by touching his hand or even putting your hand on his knee.
  • Show signs. Lean toward him or tough his hand while you are talking. Smile at him a lot and develop eye contact with him. These things will make him realize that you want something from him. Taking a sip of your drink as you look at him with expressive eyes will also give him the cue.

See? It isn’t really hard to make your nervous boyfriend kiss you. But if in case all of the things mentioned above don’t work, then take the initiative. Give him the kiss that he will forever cherish.




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