How to Make your Man Marry You

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Make your Man Marry YouWhen you are serious in a relationship, you want to make it last by getting married. Marriage is a lifetime commitment which somehow gives you the assurance that you will always have the person by your side. It is a dream of every woman to wear a wedding gown and march down the aisle although there are a few women who are not excite about weddings. If you have been in a long-term relationship and you are just waiting for him to propose but you are getting impatient, maybe you need to learn more strategies on how to make your man marry you. Actually, you just need to bring up the conversation about marriage.

  • Tell your man about a wedding experience that you had. You attended a wedding ceremony and you were really amazed by its turn outs. Exaggerate the whole thing and try to determine how he reacts to your story. You can also relate a story about a friend’s wonderful honeymoon.
  • Avoid insisting. Men are irritated by women who keep on bickering about wedding. They don’t want you to act like you are ruling over them. They want to take the lead instead. Moreover, they don’t like the idea of getting married when they aren’t prepared yet. Don’t suffocate your man with your wedding fantasies.
  • Keep waiting. Patience is a virtue. Practice the art of waiting patiently. Stay hopeful as you wait for him to propose. The right time will come.
  • Show how amazing you are. Make him realize how wonderful you are as a woman. Show your good traits as a partner. Perform your duties and responsibilities and he’ll realize your worth and that you deserve to be his wife and be the mother of his kids.
  • Bring up the marriage thing in a healthy way. Avoid sounding like you are threatening him.

It may take a long time for you to wait for him to ask you to marry him but it will worth the wait once he bends his knee and proposes to you.




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