How to Make your Boyfriend Love you More

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Make your Boyfriend Love you MoreWhen you love someone, you want to keep the person with you for the rest of your life. In order for you to keep that someone, you’ve got to give reasons for that person to stay with you. One of the best reasons to make someone stay should be love.

If you are dying to make your boyfriend crazy about you, then you must learn some tips and ways on how to make your boyfriend love you more and more.

  • The first key to make your boyfriend love you more is to be a nice and loveable girlfriend. Show him that you deserve his love and attention.
  • Be sweet and romantic to him. Don’t let the spark die. This is one of the great ways to strengthen your relationship. Give him sweet and hot kisses as well as warm hugs even if he doesn’t smell fresh.
  • Learn how to cook. Just like what the old saying goes that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Satisfy his tummy and heart at the same time.
  • Respect his superiority as a boyfriend. Do not be dominating all the time. Don’t hurt his ego, especially in public if you don’t want to make him feel bad.
  • Give him some space so that he can spend time with his friends. This isn’t a bad idea at all because he will have the time to miss you badly.
  • Make him feel that your life is more meaningful because of him. Include him in your plans.
  • Don’t nag him about the things that he likes to do for as long as you know he is not going beyond his limitations.
  • Be supportive to his endeavors. Don’t be the first one to discourage him. You need to encourage him. Have faith in him.
  • Embrace his imperfections. Don’t try to change everything about him. Don’t be too controlling.
  • Be a cheerful girlfriend. Smile a lot and make him happy.
  • Put some challenge in your relationship. Try to make your guy feel jealous sometimes and make him realize that he cannot afford to lose you.

Make him happy by your side and make him realize that you are the right one for him. If you can do it he will not even think twice to propose to you. He will love you more and more each day. Keeping him is so easy, right?




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