How to Make Up to your Wife after a Fight

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husband is making up to his wifeFights, arguments, and conflicts do happen in a relationship. These are spices of a normal relationship. They are inevitable. The problem is that some couples do not know how to handle such things when they occur. Hence, some couples end up having a huge fight or worse, break up. Don’t let this happen to you. Right after a fight, go to your wife and make up to her. Take a look at some tips and ways on how to make up with your wife.

  • Before you even do anything, the first step that you have to take is to think about what happened. What led you to a big fight? How come you weren’t able to hold back? Understand its root cause. You have to weigh things objectively.
  • Pray hard for you to have Divine intervention. Prayers will help you understand things between you and your wife.
  • If you think you already have the courage then talk to your wife. Forget about your ego and think about your relationship. Initiate the conversation especially if you were at fault. This way, you will make her feel that you love her and you value your relationship.
  • Apologize to her sincerely. You can do it with gifts like a bouquet of her favorite flowers. You may also give her a set of her favorite brand of cosmetics or anything that will make her feel happy.
  • Give in to her demands. If there is something she likes to have or do then try to give her what she wants without any complaints.
  • Say “I love you.” Kiss and make up. Give her a warm hug to make up to her after a fight. You know this is such a sweet thing to do.
  • Make love to her. Make her happy and satisfied.
  • Treat her to a fine restaurant or go on vacation.

Try to get rid of bad habits that may cause conflict in your marriage. Learn some ways to strengthen your relationship. Once something seems to be wrong, you need to act immediately before it gets bigger. Stay in love with your wife and have a happy relationship!




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Date: May 3, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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